impact360 Orthodontic Consultants — As our name implies, we offer a full circle of services to lead your practice in optimizing performance and efficiency with technology that stands up to the rigorous needs of a multifaceted orthodontic practice. Our consultants leverage a distinctive combination of industry expertise, technical depth and differentiated services to deliver the benefits of world-class management consulting to orthodontic practices.

We know what works in an orthodontic office – we’ve lived it! We’re here to assist you in designing, deploying and maintaining the optimal workplace so you can focus on delivering the highest level of patient care. We want to hear your needs and priorities. Then we’ll customize a plan with innovative ideas that tie all the components together. We’re committed in our partnership with you to foster outstanding performance, educate and empower staff, and improve bottom line numbers.


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    "Very few things in life are better than you expect…impact360 is one of those rare businesses that delivers far more than you thought possible. My practice success is built on what they have done for me these past 25 years!"
    Richard E. Boyd, DMD, MS | Columbia, SC

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    "Responsive, trustworthy, a great value… addition, our practice has been the beneficiary of the 360 consulting, coaching, and software implementation expertise which has touched every aspect of our practice."
    R. Cree Hamilton, DDS, MS | Las Vegas, NV

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    "I continually recommend this group to my colleagues and recent graduates and am very grateful for all that has been done for me. If you think you can’t afford it, it’s quite the opposite, you and the future of your practice can’t afford not to."
    Robert Klomparens, DDS, MS | Midland, Michigan

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